The ceremony of Al- Ahwaz day held at the Hamburg University

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The University of Hamburg, Germany on November 11th, 2013 held the AL Ahwaz ceremony as part of its Arab Cultural week being celebrated annually since 2003 to become more familiar with the culture and traditions of the Arab people living in Germany. The ceremony was attended by a number of Arab civil society organizations and the Arab citizens living in Germany and other European countries.

The welcoming speech by Dr.Mohamed Khalifa and the General Coordinator Ms.Gabriela Von Strtsky as the directors of the ceremony was followed by a speech by Dr.Abdullah Hoveis the professor of Bochum University, Germany who described the past and the present history of the Al- Ahwaz.

The Dr.Hoveis was officially invited by the University of Hamburg to speak about the Al -Ahwaz Civilization history throughout the time since the alliances by the Portuguese and the British to the Ottoman Empire and the role of Persian oppression and ambitions to seize the wealth of the Al -Ahwaz region from its citizens.

He also spoke about Sheikh Khazaal Kaabi the independent government of Al Ahwaz and its fall to the hands of the ruling Persian government of Reza Khan in 1925 with the support of the British government.

He also emphasized on the demands of the Arab people of Al- Ahwaz to obtain their legal and humanitarian rights which has been always denied since the era of Pahlavi family to the current regime in Iran.

He also described the structure of the Persian government and its intellectual curricula which came from Europe and particularly by the French theorist Kokino.

The ceremony was followed with the Al- Ahwaz music performance by the group Sun of Freedom and the Arabic songs from Al- Ahwaz, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq which received great applaud by the audience.

The Al- Ahwaz human rights organization as the coordinator of the ceremony, presented the film and documents in German of the human rights violations by the Iranian regime and also the installment of posters for the crimes committed toward the Al- Ahwaz citizens by the regime. The segment was followed by the speech by Mr.Nasser Kadhem Al-Ahwazi about the environment destruction and the objectives and reasons for the natural disasters and pollution in Al- Ahwaz.

The organization also presented the appropriate documents and confessions of the previous government officials about the environmental destruction in Al -Ahwaz.

Al-Ahwazi Organization for Human Rights(A.O.H.R.)

The height of the ceremony was the great performance given by Mr.Moosa AlMousavi the classical and popular poet which by his poems gave a fabulous description of the heritage, culture and the environment of Al- Ahwaz prior to the oppression against its citizens and the destruction of Karoon River.

The ceremony was concluded with the performance of Al- Ahwaz national song and the reading of Quran by Messrs. Saied Abbas Al Ahwazi and Saied Habib Al-Ahwazi.

And thanks Ahwazi Organization for Human Rights University of Hamburg and supervisors and all of the supervisors of the Arab cultural weeks, and also all those who attended and contributed to the establishment and success of Ahwaz Cultural Day of Germans and friends and Ahwazi Arabs.

The Al- Ahwazi human rights organization expresses its greatest appreciation to the University of Hamburg and all the honorable guests and supervisors who attended and contributed to the success of Al-Ahwaz Cultural day and also to our great German and Al- Ahwaz friends for attending the ceremony.

The Al Ahwaz Human Rights Organization



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