Peril of death sentence for 15 Ahwazis and the Organization announces name of seven persons

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Ahwazi Organization for Human Rights sources confirmed that the Iranian authority issued a death sentence for 15 Ahwazis who arrested by Iranian security in the City of Sus and suburb areas of the city on November 21, 2015. The Iranian security disclosed the death sentence which issued for these detainees with their families through a phone. The Ahwazi Human Rights Organization was able to get seven names of those who sentenced to death. They are residence of Bani Kaab villages (Village of Bait Allaw and Village of Khalf Moslem) And they are: Name Father’s name age

1. Eissa Abdullahi (KAabi) Nasser 28 years old

2. Hasson Abdullahi (Kaabi) Habib 29 years old

3. Hossein Abdullahi (Kaabi) 22 years old

4. Majeed Abdullahi (Kabi) Mashaf 24 years old

5. Mohammad Abdullahi (Kabi) Helayel 32 years old

6. Jassem Abdullahi (Kabi) Obaid 22 years old

7. Majed Abdullahi (Kabi) Daham 21 years old

Although the international law asserts on transparency of the courts procedures and the rights of the prisoners to retain lawyers to defend themselves, these unfair verdicts issued while these prisoners under physical and psychological torture and confined in secret cells which run by Iranian Intelligence Services. These horrific situation implores the international organizations to take decisive action against such barbaric violations implement by Iranian Authorities in dealing with political and cultural Ahwazi activists.

The Ahwazi Human Rights Organization condoms these aggressive crimes which carry out by Iranian Authorities against Ahwazi Citizens as it calls all governmental and not-governmental organizations to urge Iranian government to respect international law and treaties that pertain to human rights


Alahwazi Organization for Human Rights

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