Amnesty International:Further information on UA 137/12 IRAN - DEATH ROW AHWAZI ARAB MEN ON HUNGER STRIKE

كتبه السبت, 25 أيار 2013 05:10
منشور في إنجليزي
Five Iranian Ahwazi Arab men have launched a hunger strike in protest at the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold their death sentences and their treatment in prison, including torture and other ill-treatment and the authorities’ refusal to allow them medical…

Amnesty International:Official sources acknowledged 314 executions, but a total of 544 were recorded. The true figure may be considerably higher

كتبه السبت, 25 أيار 2013 04:56
منشور في إنجليزي
The authorities maintained severe restrictions on freedoms of expression, association and assembly. Dissidents and human rights defenders, including minority rights and women’s rights activists, were arbitrarily arrested, detained incommunicado, imprisoned after unfair trials and banned from travelling abroad. There were…

The series of altercations at Ahwaz Karoon Prison

كتبه الجمعة, 10 أيار 2013 06:54
منشور في إنجليزي
The section eight of Ahwaz Karoon prison where the political prisoners are being held witnessed a series of altercations on Wednesday May 8th,2013 between the Arab AlAhwazi prisoner named Masood Daghlawy with one of the prison officials. The reliable sources…

The execution of 5 AlAhwaz Arab citizens

كتبه الخميس, 02 أيار 2013 13:53
منشور في إنجليزي
The confirmed sources have reported the execution of 5 Arab citizens on Sunday dated April 28th, 2013 by the Iranian regime at the Karoon prison of Al-Ahwaz. The names of the executed Arab citizens are as following: 1-      Mohammad Sharhani…

The arbitrary arrest of hundreds of Al-ahwazi Arabs in April 2013

كتبه الخميس, 02 أيار 2013 13:41
منشور في إنجليزي
The cities of Al-Ahwaz province witnessed the arbitrary arrest of hundreds of its Arab citizens in April 2013. The reliable reports have confirmed that the regime’s Intelligence and security forces have raided the houses of many innocent Al-Ahwazi Arabs in…